Additional DAVE-ML conventions

To facilitate the interpretation of DAVE-ML packages, the following conventions are proposed. Failure to follow any of these should be noted prominently in the data files and any cover documentation.

The following list of sign convention notation is recommended for adoption. Note the sign convention for most quantities is already fixed by the AIAA Recommended Practice [ AIAA92], so this is actually a list of abbreviations for typical sign conventions:

Common DAVE-ML sign convention notation

+AFTPositive aft
+ANRPositive aircraft nose right
+ANUPositive aircraft nose up
+CWFNPositive clockwise from north
+DNPositive down
+EPositive eastward
+FWDPositive forward
+LFTPositive left
+NPositive northward
+OUTPositive outward
+POSAlways positive
+RCLPositive right of centerline
+RTPositive right
+RWDPositive right wing down
+TEDPositive trailing edge down
+TELPositive trailing edge left
+THRPositive beyond threshold
+UPPositive up