variableDef — Defines signals used in DAVE-ML model


name - the name of the signal being defined
varID - an internal, document-unique XML name for the signal
units - the units of the signal
axisSystem (optional) - the axis in which the signal is measured
sign (optional) - the sign convention for the signal, if any
alias (optional) - possible alias name (facility specific) for the signal
symbol (optional) - UNICODE symbol for the signal
initialValue (optional) - an initial and possibly constant numeric value for the signal


variableDef elements provide wiring information - that is, they identify the input and output signals used by these function blocks. They also provide MathML content markup to indicate any calculation required to arrive at the value of the variable, using other variables as inputs. Note the breakpoint values are specified separately since one input signal may be normalized to more than one breakpoint set (for gridded function data).

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