The ungridded table definition element

The ungriddedTableDef element defines a set of non-orthogonal data points, along with their independent values (coordinates), corresponding with the dependent value of an arbitrary function.

An optional confidenceBound scalar value may be provided that reprents the confidence level in the values presented. [This statistical capability needs significant improvement in later DAVEfunc releases.]

    ungriddedTableDef* : [utID, name, units]
        description? :
            (description character data)
        provenance? :
            author : name, org, [xns, email]
                address? :
                    (address character data)
            functionCreationDate :
                (date in YYYY-MM-DD format, character data)
            documentRef* : docID
            modificationRef* : modID
	confidenceBound? : value
	dataTable+ :

ungriddedTableDef attributes:


A mandatory XML-legal name that is unique within the file


An optional UNICODE name for the table (may be same as gtID.


Optional units-of-measure for the table's output signal.

ungriddedTableDef sub-elements:


The optional description element allows the author to describe the data contained within this ungriddedTable.


The optional provenance element allows the author to describe the source and history of the data within this ungriddedTable.


The numeric value specified in this element represents the statistical confidence in the values contained within this table.


One or more sets of coordinate and output numeric values of the function at various locations within it's input space. This element includes one coordinate for each function input variable. Parsing this information into a usable interpolative function is up to the implementor. By convention, the coordinates are listed in the same order that they appear in the using function.