author — Gives name and contact information for originating party of the associated data


  • name - the name of the author or last modifier of the associated element's data
  • org - the author's organization
  • xns (optional) - the eXtensible Name Service identifier for the author [Deprecated]
  • email (optional) - the e-mail address for the primary author [Deprecated]


author includes alternate means of identifying author using XNS or normal e-mail/address. The address subelement is to be replaced with the more complete contactInfo subelement.

Allowable children


Future plans for this element

Both the xns and email attributes are deprecated and will be removed. XNS was a proposed internet technology (eXtensible Name Service) to reduce spam that didn't catch on. It is replaced with the 'iname' subelement as a single means to identify an individual or corporation in lieu of typical (and quickly dated) e-mail, phone, or address information. The author element itself is deprecated and should be replaced with the contactInfo element