independentVarPts — Simple definition of independent breakpoints

Content model

independentVarPts :  varID,  [name],  [units],  [sign],  [extrapolate],  [interpolate]


  • varID - the XML id of the input signal corresponding to this independent variable
  • name (optional) - the name of the function's independent variable input signal
  • units (optional) - the units of measure for the independent variable
  • sign (optional) - the sign convention for the independent variable
  • extrapolate (optional) - extrapolation flags for IV out-of-bounds (enumerated)
    • neither
    • min
    • max
    • both
  • interpolate (optional) - Interpolation flags for independent variable (enumerated)
    • linear
    • cublicSpline


An independentVarPts element is a simple list of breakpoints and contains a mandatory varID identifier as well as optional name, units, and sign convention attributes. An optional extrapolate attribute describes how to extrapolate the output value when the input value exceeds specified values. An optional interpolate attribute indicates how to perform the interpolation within the table (either linear or cubic spline). This element is used for simple functions that don't share breakpoint or table values with other functions.

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