4.3. Recent applications

Several successful applications of DAVE-ML have been reported. These include the adoption of DAVE-ML by the Australian DSTO for threat models [Brian05] and the U.S. Navy for their Next Generation Threat System [Hildreth08]. Import tools to allow the direct use of DAVE-ML models (without recompilation) in real-time piloted simulations have been reported by NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) [Hill07] and at NASA Ames Research Center (ARC). Some interest has been generated within NASA's Orion Project as well [Acevedo07]. Other applications include TSONT, a trajectory optimization tool ([Durak06]) and aircraft engine simulations ([Lin04]).

DAVE-ML format for models has also been supported by the GeneSim Project, which is providing open-source utility programs that realize a DAVE-ML model in object-oriented source code such as C++, Java and C#.