Papers about DAVE-ML

These papers and presentations address the development of DAVE-ML and are in reverse chronological order.
They are copyrighted by the employers of their respective authors, including the U.S. Government.

October 2011
Financial Impact of ANSI/AIAA-S-119-2011 Flight Dynamic Model Exchange Standard [MODSIM 2011 workshop]
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April 2011
Flight Simulation Model Exchange. NASA/TM-2011-217085, Volume I [Summary]
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April 2011
Flight Simulation Model Exchange. NASA/TM-2011-217085, Volume II [Detailed reports for each assessor]
(401 MB)
This two-volume paper describes the result of a ten-month internal NASA assessment conducted in 2010 of the draft ANSI/AIAA-S-119-200x standard by members of the NASA flight simulation community, leading to a recommendation for its adoption within the agency. Volume I is the summary narrative; Volume II includes the assessed documents and reports from individual assessors.
December 2009
Benefits to the Simulation Training Community of a New ANSI Standard for the Exchange of Aero Simulation Models [I/ITSEC]
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June 2008
Status of the AIAA Modeling and Simulation Format Standard [RaES Simulation Group]
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August 2007
The DaveMLTranslator: An Interface for DAVE-ML Aerodynamic Models [AIAA MSTC conference]
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Sept. 2006
Progress Toward a Format Standard for Flight Dynamic Models [SISO conference]
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August 2006
Presentation about Janus and Carna C++ utility libraries (from DSTO)  
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August 2006
Using the Proposed AIAA Aerodynamic Modeling Standard (AeroML) [AIAA MSTC conference workshop]  
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August 2005
The Proposed AIAA Standard for Simulation Model Exchange [AIAA MSTC conference]  
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August 2005
DAVE-ML: The Proposed Implementation of the Simulation Model Exchange Standard  
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The Quest for a Unified Aircraft Dataset Format (DSTO paper) [SIAA]
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August 2004
Evaluation of a Candidate Flight Dynamics Model Simulation Standard Exchange Format [AIAA MSTC conference]
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August 2002
Flight Dynamic Model Exchange using XML [AIAA MSTC conference]
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