Common sign convention notation

The following list of sign convention notation is recommended for adoption. Note the sign convention for most quantities is already fixed by the AIAA Recommended Practice [ AIAA92], so this is actually a list of abbreviations for typical sign conventions:

Common DAVE-ML sign convention notation

+AFTPositive aft
+ANRPositive aircraft nose right
+ANUPositive aircraft nose up
+CWFNPositive clockwise from north
+DNPositive down
+EPositive eastward
+FWDPositive forward
+LFTPositive left
+NPositive northward
+OUTPositive outward
+POSAlways positive
+RCLPositive right of centerline
+RTPositive right
+RWDPositive right wing down
+TEDPositive trailing edge down
+TELPositive trailing edge left
+THRPositive beyond threshold
+UPPositive up