dataPoint — Defines each point of an ungridded table

Content model

dataPoint :  [modID]


modID (optional) - the internal XML identifier for a modification record


The dataPoint element is used by ungridded tables to list the values of independent variables that are associated with each value of dependent variable. For example: <dataPoint> 0.1, -4.0, 0.2 <!- Mach, alpha, CL -> </dataPoint> <dataPoint> 0.1, 0.0, 0.6 <!- Mach, alpha CL -> </dataPoint> Each data point may have associated with it a modification tag to document the genesis of that particular point. No requirement on ordering of independent variables is implied. Since this is a ungridded table, the intepreting application is required to handle what may be unsorted data.

Allowable children