A.�Element references and descriptions

A description of each element of DAVE-ML is given below.

Element list

address - Street address or other contact information of an author
author - Gives name and contact information for originating party of the associated data
bounds - Describes limits or standard deviations of statistical uncertainties
bpRef - Reference to a breakpoint list
bpVals - String of comma-separated values of breakpoints
breakpointDef - Defines breakpoint sets to be used in model
breakpointRefs - Reference to a breakpoint definition
calculation - Used to delimit a MathML v2 calculation
confidenceBound - Defines the confidence in a function
dataPoint - Defines each point of an ungridded table
dataTable - Gives a name to a table of function data
DAVEfunc - Root level element
dependentVarPts - Defines output breakpoint values
dependentVarRef - Identifies the signal to be associated with the output of a function
description - Verbal description of an entity
documentRef - Reference to an external document
extraDocRef - Allows multiple documents to be associated with a single modification event
fileCreationDate - Gives date of creation of entity
fileHeader - States source and purpose of file
fileVersion - Indicates the version of the document
function - Defines a function by combining independent variables, breakpoints, and tables.
functionCreationDate - Date of creation of a function table
functionDefn - Defines a function by associating a table with other information
griddedTable - Definition of a gridded table; associates breakpoint data with table data.
griddedTableDef - Defines an orthogonally-gridded table of data points
griddedTableRef - Reference to a gridded table definition
independentVarPts - Simple definition of independent breakpoints
independentVarRef - References a predefined signal as an input to a function
isOutput - Flag to identify non-obvious output signals from model
modificationRecord - To associate a reference single letter with a modification event
modificationRef - Reference to associated modification information
normalPDF - Defines a normal (Gaussian) probability density function
provenance - Describes origin or history of the associated information
provenanceRef - References a previously defined data provenance description.
reference - Describes an external document
uncertainty - Describes statistical uncertainty bounds for a parameter or function table.
ungriddedTable - Definition of an ungridded set of function data
ungriddedTableDef - Defines a table of data, each with independent coordinates
ungriddedTableRef - Reference to an ungridded table
uniformPDF - Defines a uniform (constant) probability density function
variableDef - Defines signals used in DAVE-ML model
variableRef - Reference to a variable definition