dependentVarPts — Defines output breakpoint values

Content model

dependentVarPts :  varID,  [name],  [units],  [sign]


varID - the XML identifier of the output signal this table should drive
name (optional) - the name of the function's dependent variable output signal
units (optional) - the units of measure for the dependent variable
sign (optional) - the sign convention for the dependent variable


A dependentVarPts element is a simple of function values and contains a mandatory varID as well as optional name, units, and sign convention attributes. Data points are arranged as single vector with last-specified breakpoint values changing most frequently. Note that the number of dependent values must equal the product of the number of independent values for this simple, gridded, realization. This element is used for simple functions that don't share breakpoint or table values with other functions.

Possible parents


Allowable children