6.2.3. The breakpoint set definition element

The breakpoint set definition element, breakpointDef, is used to define a list of comma- or white space-separated values that define the coordinate values along one axis of a gridded linear function value table. It contains a mandatory bpID attribute, an optional name and units-of-measure attributes, an optional text description element, and the comma- or white space-separated list of floating-point values in the bpVals element. This list must be monotonically increasing in value.

    breakpointDef : bpID, [name, units]
        description? :
        bpVals :
            {character data of comma- or white space-separated breakpoints}

breakpointDef attributes:


An internal reference that is unique within the file.


A UNICODE name for the set (may be the same string as bpID).


The units-of-measure for the breakpoint values. See Section 6.5.6, “Units” below.

breakpointDef sub-elements:


An optional text description of the breakpoint set.


A comma- or white space-separated, monotonically increasing list of floating-point values.

Example 7. Two breakpointDef examples in a DAVE-ML model excerpt

As an example, two breakpoint sets are defined which are used in the function element given below (Example 11, “ An excerpt giving the example of a function which refers to a previously defined griddedTableDef). Breakpoint sets XMACH1_PTS and DBFL_PTS contain values for Mach and lower body flap deflection, respectively, which are used to look up function values in several gridded function tables. One example is given below in Example 8, “ An excerpt showing an example of a griddedTableDef element ”.

<!--                          =====================                          -->
<!-- =========================   BREAKPOINT SETS   ========================= -->
<!--                          =====================                          -->

  <breakpointDef name="mach" bpID="XMACH1_PTS" units="nd">  1
      Mach number breakpoints for all aero data tables
        0.3, 0.6, 0.8, 0.9, 0.95, 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0   2

  <breakpointDef name="Lower body flap" bpID="DBFL_PTS" units="deg">    3
    <description>Lower body flap deflections breakpoints for tables</description>
    <bpVals>0., 15., 30., 45., 60.</bpVals>


This breakpointDef element describes a Mach breakpoint set uniquely identified as XMACH1_PTS with no associated units of measure.


The breakpoint values are given as a comma- or white space-separated list and must be in monotonically increasing numerical order.


This breakpoint set defines the breakpoints for lower body flap deflection.