Previously, in the DAVE-ML project:

October 2011
July 2011
March 2011
February 2011
January 2011
December 2010
November 2010
Second public comment period on the draft AIAA standard opened Nov. 15 and will end Dec. 29. In this version, DAVE-ML is a reference, not an included Annex.
October 2010
Added a new utility, ModelSweeper, to the DAVEtools distribution .jar. Provides ability to view a 3D surface representing an output from a DAVE-ML model while two inputs are varied; other inputs are held constant.
Also fixed a bug in the DAVEtools parser.
May 2010
Tweak to the reference manual (found on the DTD page).
April 2010
Resubmitted draft standard to AIAA (see AIAA Standards; moved website from to
Uploaded DAVE-ML DTD 2 Release Candidate 3 to DTD page.
February 2010
Revisions to the draft standard, BSR/AIAA S-119, are underway. NASA is considering the standard for possible internal adoption.
December 2009
Public comments continue to be reviewed and incorporated. Meanwhile, the two Bruces gave a talk at I/ITSEC on the draft standard, BSR/AIAA S-119.
August 2009
Public comment period on the draft AIAA standard opened August 3 and ended Sept. 18
June 2009
ANSI notice of project initiation published in 12-Jun-09 ANSI Standards Action bulletin
May 2009
Revised draft AIAA standard now available, with annexes
October 2008
Revised draft AIAA standard now available.
DAVE-ML 2.0 Release Candidate 2, which will be in the draft AIAA standard, is now available from the DTD page. The reference manual, a 115-page PDF document, is here; it is also available on-line. Changes from RC-1 are described here.
June 2008
DAVE-ML paper presented to Royal Aeronautical Society; see papers for a copy
April 2008
Mailing list moved to
February 2008
Some progress: AIAA staff returned a draft PDF for initial grammatical review! (not yet available, sorry)
October 2007
Draft standards document submitted to the AIAA Committee on Standards.
July 2007
Updated the HL-20 aero model (added Mach-based limit to angle of attack input)
June 2007
Updated AIAA standards page; added DTD 1.9b3 to the DTD page.
April 2007
DAVEtools 0.8 is now available as NASA Open Source. It can be downloaded from this web site; scroll down and look for 'DAVEtools.'
March 2007
Fixed broken links on AIAA review page; added description of MathML function extensions to support atan2 function in upcoming revision to the DAVE-ML DTD. We've also posted an elevator speech in case someone shares an elevator with Administrator Griffin.
November 2006
Released a new developmental DTD (1.9b2) and reference manual with support for quadraticSpline interpolation and proper MathML2 DTD inclusion; reference manual now includes ungridded table examples.Updated examples to reflect draft version 1.9 DTD changes.
September 2006
Released a new developmental DTD (1.8b1) and reference manual with some new standards flags. A paper on progress towards flight dynamic models will be presented this month at the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Fall 2006 workshop. The paper and presentation are available here.
August 2006
Presentations from this month's AIAA Modeling and Simulation tutorial are now on-line. Documents for the M&S Technical Committee reviewers are now on-line. Added tools page with link to Janus information. Updated to-do list.
July 2006
An AERO-ML workshop is planned for next month's AIAA Modeling and Simulation conference in Keystone, Colorado.
December 2005
A separate Committee on Modeling Standards has been formed by the AIAA; the initial meeting was December 1 in Orlando in conjunction with I/ITSEC conference.
October 2005
The Standards subcommittee of the AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee is pursuing to have a portion of DAVE-ML, specifically the aero model application, be published as an AIAA standard. It is tenatively named "AeroML."
August 2005
A two-hour workshop at the 2005 AIAA M&ST conference went into details on the DAVE-ML syntax.
January 2005
Added a Future Plans page, with links to contributions recently received regarding units-of-measure and variable typing standards.
September 2004
The DAVE-ML website was moved to its new home at
August 2004
The DAVE-ML team presented a paper at the 2004 AIAA Modeling & Simulation Technology conference in Providence, RI. Also, the AIAA Modeling & Simulation Technology committee approved pursuing DAVE-ML as an AIAA standard/recommended practice.
June 2004
Changed the citation about JSBsim in introduction. Added more information about available DAVEtools.
February 2004
HL-20 aero model successfully received/validated at NASA Ames; released a new developmental DTD (1.7b1) with verification check case capability.
December 2003
Released a new developmental DTD (1.6b1) with enhanced uncertainty modeling capability.
October 2003
Released a new developmental DTD (1.5b3) and reference manual; now with examples!
September 2003
The [simstds] mailing list is now being archived!
August 2003
Updated DTDs to 1.5 beta 2; now with an on-line and PDF reference manual; DTD mods and reference manuals are now somewhat automated.
July 2003
Added an on-line inspection of the DAVEfunc DTD.
June 2003
Work continues on building import/export tools for an exchange demonstration at Pax and Ames... an announcement about DAVE-ML appeared in sci.aeronautics.simulation, a USENET discussion group about flight simulation.
May 2003
Presentation on DAVE-ML experiment to AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technical Committee
April 2003
Demo planning continuing; this web site opened; mailing list established.
November 2002
Demonstration model exchange between U.S.Navy and NASA Ames simulation facilities proposed
August 2002
DAVE-ML proposed in a AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) paper (a 236 KB PDF file)

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