Schema documents associated with DAVE-ML

Although not required to implement XML documents, an external schema document serves as a contract between the provider and receiver of XML data that specifies how the data is encoded; that is, what the various elements mean, within the XML file. The original and still most popular form of a schema document is known as a Document Type Definition (DTD). Although another method, known as the XML Schema Document (XSD), has been selected as the W3C standard for XML application schemas, not all of the common editors and parsers support XSDs. For now, the DAVE-ML application relies on DTDs instead of schemas for syntax rules.

There is presently only one DTD that has been designed for the exchange of simulation data under the DAVE-ML concept; it is the method of encoding static models such as aerodynamics. This file, DAVEfunc.dtd, is available for download below.

The following versions of the DAVEfunc DTD are available:

Version Ref. manual Status Release Date Notes
2.0.2 HTML - PDF Released 2011-07-12
Moved the ENTITY declaration and inclusion of the MathML DTD to end of DAVEfunc.dtd so trang would correctly set the default namespace in a RELAX NG translation of DAVEfunc.dtd (DAVEfunc.rng).

Previous versions:
2.0.1 HTML - PDF superseded 2011-03-31
One line comment change in DTD to reflect production status; changed the reference manual to reflect change of BSR to ANSI umbrella organization approval of ANSI/AIAA-S-119-2011 Flight Dynamic Model Exchange Standard.
2.0 HTML - PDF superseded 2011-03-25
No DTD changes since 2.0 release candidate 4; some cleanup to the reference manual to reflect release of the ANSI/AIAA-S-119-2011 Flight Dynamic Model Exchange Standard.
2.0RC4 HTML - PDF superseded 2011-01-06
The major change is the addition of optional minValue and maxValue attributes to variableDef to allow definition of the valid range of a variable.

Other minor changes: allow staticShots to have zero (or more> checkInputs so constant-only models can be verified, and now requiring gtID and utIDs on all table definitions, even when they are not reused.

These changes reflect recommendations of a year-long NASA assessment. This is believed to be the VERY last revision prior to adoption of version 2.0.
2.0RC3 HTML - PDF superseded 2010-05-07
The major change is the adoption of instead of as the namespace for DAVE-ML, to ensure longevity outside of the NASA incubator. Similarly, AIAA is the sponsor, replacing NASA.

Some structural changes to the DTD and many editorial changes to the reference manual. New classifications for input variables as "input," "control," and "disturbance."
2.0RC2 HTML - PDF superseded 2008-10-27 Removed an alarming number of inconsistencies; expanded the reference manual and prepared for final release. Added illustrations of each type of interpolation. Changed signalID element in checkcases to varID for consistency.
2.0RC1 HTML - PDF superseded 2007-10-18 Cleaned up documentation for submission to AIAA standards committee; added examples for uncertainty encoding; added 'ceiling' and 'floor' choices to interpolation attribute.
1.9b3 HTML - PDF superseded 2007-06-15 Added 'discrete' as allowable value for independentVar[Pts|Ref] interpolate attribute; corrected links; added external definition of atan2 function to MathML2; removed deprecated xns attributes from examples; added hint about sorting variableDefs.
1.9b2 HTML - PDF superseded 2006-11-18 Added quadraticSpline, classification attributes; reference manual now includes ungridded table examples; added description element to provenance; fixed problem with including MathML2 DTD.
1.8b1 HTML - PDF superseded 2006-09-08 interpolate attribute, isState/isStateDeriv/isStdAIAA variable flags, bug fixes
1.7b1 HTML - PDF superseded 2004-02-18 Embedded check case data; added description to reference element
1.6b1 HTML - PDF superseded 2003-11-26 Uncertainty elements; typos fixed; added figure 1; ISO 8601 ref.
1.5b3 HTML - PDF superseded 2003-10-20 griddedTable, ungriddedTable superseded by Ref versions; reference manual (HTML - PDF) now has examples.
1.5b2 HTML - PDF - LiveDTD superseded 2003-08-15 adds fileVersion, author email, extraDocRef.
1.5b LiveDTD superseded 2003-05-16 has reusable function tables.
1.4 LiveDTD superseded 2002-12-02 first published DTD

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